Hotel Information

The location of the conference was selected because of its excellent conditions for discussions and exchange of experience.

The conference site was Vår Gård in Saltsjöbaden, located 17 km, southeast of Stockholm. All rooms (139 single room) at Vår Gård had been reserved for the conference. Additional rooms were reserved at the Quality Hotel Nacka.

First come first served, applied.

Vår Gård
Between the sky and the sea in the breathtaking Stockholm archipelago, you will find Vår Gård Saltsjöbaden. When arriving you are met by stunning early 20th century milieus and intriguing functionalist architecture in beautiful harmony.

Every meal should be a delight to all your senses – the ambience and service are important cornerstones. The award-winning chefs have lofty ambitions and every meal is based on the best ingredients and solicitous preparation in the state-of-the-art kitchen.

The organic breakfast buffet gives you the best possible start to your day and lunches are composed to infuse you with renewed energy for the afternoon session. Dinner is a perfectly composed three-course dinner that is at its best when complemented with fine wines.

Bring the evening to a close in the relaxing atmosphere of the Forum Bar, and perhaps with an evening snack – your taste buds are sure to wake up after a late work session.

Only sitting on the terrace and gazing out over the bay can be an activity as good as any. Inspiration is literally both within and on the walls. Meetings held here also become encounters with Swedish art history.

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Quality Hotel
Quality Hotel Nacka offers a warm and friendly atmosphere for both business and leisure travellers. The hotel has an attractive location in the rapidly expanding area formed by Sickla, Hammarby Sjöstad and Nacka. This hotel offers many opportunities that are possible to tailor to your needs.

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