Poster Session

During the conference, a number of selected examples of ongoing or completed research projects in the Nordic countries appeared in the form of digital items. Projects were presented and displayed as slide shows and/or short films.

Posters Presentations May, 20th - 21st

Achieving Safe Patient Transition: Recognizing the Complexity
Marlene Dyrløv Madsen PhD,Researcher, Dansk Institut for Medicinsk Simulation, Herlev, Denmark. madyma01 hos heh punkt regionh punkt dk

Automated Adverse Event Monitoring - Promote Safety and Quality in Healthcare
Ann-Britt Bolin Wiechel, CEO County Council Stockholm. ann-britt punkt bolin hos karolinska punkt se

Certification and Accreditation in the Specialist Health Service; a contribution to better Risk Governance? - A perspective on the legitimacy
Dag Tomas Sagen Johannesen, PhD-student in Risk Management and Societal Safety, Faculty of Social Sciences University of Stavanger, Norway. dag punkt t punkt johannesen@uis punkt no

Clinical Skills Center – Providing Competensy and Patient Safety at the Karolinska University Hospital
Italo Masiello, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. italo.masiello hos

Design and Engineering of New Simulators for Risk Free Surgery Training
Jonas Forsslund, KTH Human-Computer Interaction, School of Computer Science and Communications, Stockholm, Sweden. jofo02 hos kth punkt se

Evaluation of Volountary Reports and Triggers Redarding Adverse Drug Events over Time from a Childrens Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden
Per Nydert, Neonatal Unit H10:2, Childrens Hospital Karolinska University Hospital. Stockholm. per punkt nydert hos karolinska punkt se

Exploring the Knowledge and System that Frames Safe Work Practices – An Ethnographic Case Study Approach within Multidisciplinary Healthcare Teams
Sindre Høyland, PhD student, University of Stavanger, Norway. sindre punkt hoyland hos uis punkt no

How to Change Adverse Event Reporting to Risk Management Practise; One Example from the Nephrology Unit in Tampere University Hospital
Ritva Inkinen, project manager (patient safety) Tampere University Hospital, Finland. ritva punkt inkinen hos pshp punkt fi

Image Enhancement Combined with Reduction of X-Ray Dose During PCI-Operations
Hamed Muhammed, KTH, School of technology and health, Stockholm Sweden. hamed hos sth punkt kth punkt se

Improving Drug Prescription and Administration Safety - a Breakthrough Project
Eva Liljestam, Manager of Nurcing Development, Center of Intensive Care, Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset Solna. eva punkt liljestam@karolinska punkt se

Improving Skills in Dosage Calculation
Birgitta Dahl, Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Helsingfors, Finland. birgitta punkt dahl hos arcada punkt fi

Organizational Coordination in Escalating Situations in the Obstetrics Setting
Johan Bergström, Center for Complexity Studies, Lund University. johan punkt bergström@brand punkt lth punkt se

Patient Safety in Undergraduate Curricula – an Essential Challenge, and Opportunity for Interprofessional Collaboration
Tomas Kirkhorn, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, Lund University. tomas punkt kirkhorn@med punkt lu punkt se

POSSUM Pre-Operative Riskassement of Patients for Managing Treatment, Length of Stay and Critical Care
Wilhelmina Ekström. Senior Physician. wilhelmina punkt ekstrom hos karolinska punkt se

Quality & Patient Saftey Dialogue - Evaluation of a Swedish Patient Saftey Culture Intervention
Hans Rutberg MD, PhD Chief Medical Officer University Hospital Linköping, Sweden. Hans punkt Rutberg@lio punkt se

Training Teamwork and Communication for Patient Safety: In-Situ CRM Training in the Emergency Department with Professional Trainers Using a High Fidelity Human Patient Simulator
Petter Westfelt, Center for Advanced Medical Simulation and Training, Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institutet Stockholm, Sweden. petter punkt westfelt hos karolinska punkt se

Training Patient Safety in Digital Natives - Retention after CPR Training with Avatars in Virtual Worlds
Johan Creutzfeldt CLINTEC and Center for Advanced Medical Simulation, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm Sweden. johan punkt creutzfeldt hos karolinska punkt se

Visual–Spatial Ability Correlates with Performance in Simulated Gynecological Laparoscopy
Liv Ahlborg, MD. Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Södertälje hospital. Sweden. liv punkt ahlborg hos sodertaljesjukhus punkt se