Social Programme (2010)

Welcome Reception
The location of the conference was selected, given the excellent opportunity for informal conversations and meetings. A first opportunity to get together was on the evening of May the 19th at the welcome reception, with a light meal and beverage served at the Beach House of Vår Gård.

Conference Dinner
On May 20th, the conference dinner started with mingle and entertainment. Nancy Berlinger, Deputy Director and Research Scholar at The Hastings Center, Garrison, NY, gave a dinner speech. The title of the speech was After harm – Medical Error and the Ethics of Forgiveness.

Social Event
Born of the stage, The Romeo & Julia Choir honours a musical storytelling tradition. The ensemble, consisiting of some fifteen singers and one instrumentalist, sings and emotes, making performances visual as well as a musical experience.

"The Beach House" Nancy Berlinger The Romeo & Julia Choir
The Beach House at Vår Gård         Nancy Berlinger    The Romeo & Julia Choir

Activities for Accompanying Persons
For accompanying persons the small community of Saltsjöbaden offers nice walking paths, and small restaurants. The local train Saltsjöbanan has its end station close to the conference site. The train takes you to Stockholm and its entire range of culture and activities, in less than 30 minutes.

If you choose to stay at the Quality Hotel in Nacka, it is adjacent to Sickla köpkvarter, a nice shopping mall with movie theatres and the Saltsjöbanan train. The train or the frequently running buses take you to Stockholm in a few minutes, or to the conference venue in 15 minutes.